Sunday, August 23, 2009

Bock and Schwarzbier

Nice...second lager, (Bock), moved into the secondary keg. Brewed a Schwarzbier this weekend, now sitting nicely in the fermentor. Used a nice pitch of WPL830 from the Helles and drove the fermentation quickly on the Bock. Missed the gravity slightly, and made adjustments for the next batch. Brewed the Schwarzbier to style and hit every target. Introduced the new recirculating pump to drive the ice bath through the chiller. Hit 70 deg from the 90 deg I was getting before. Need to get it down to 50 deg quickly to speed up the pitching time, will adjust the rate of flow and amount of water and ice on next batch. Used the Bock pitch of WPL830 on the Schwarz and its rolling along this morning.


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